Newbie Hatching Help ASAP!!!


5 Years
Apr 30, 2014
So I am hatching 6 silkies that i purchased from Ebay. Have candled and still have live embryos-definately 4. It is day 20. I noticed that almost all the eggs have that valley like air cell and from what I've read that is a bad sign. But I see the chicks moving inside regardless. Do I help them hatch? I'm not worried about "breeding weakness" into them. I just need to ensure they hatch! PS-I just hatched 3 polish chickens and helped two hatch that had difficulty. I don't need lectures on humidity and hatching. I just need to know if the eggs with deep valleys and dips in the air cell need help hatching! Any info is so greatly appreciated!!


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Feb 18, 2011
With the shipped eggs that have saddle shaped aircells (same thing you call valley shaped I think?) they don't always need help, but are more likely to than most... am really careful to mark aircells on these and I like to have them in egg cartons etc so that they stay right side up (don't like to have the already hatched chicks roll these around) Have you seen the the two nice articles in the Learning Center on hatching and assisted hatching? and
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