Newbie here :0) Can anyone give some advice please?

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    May 13, 2016
    Hi everyone,

    I've been reading lots of really helpful information on here! I'm hoping someone can help...

    Basically I think I have a chicken with canker. After doing tons of research, I started her on Metronizadole tablets (250).

    I have four chickens.

    She is the only one showing signs, difficulty breathing, stretched neck, open beak to breathe, sneezing, has a yellowish growth in her throat. She is still eating and drinking plenty and laying eggs and seems fine in every other way.

    Initially I thought it was a respiratory problem and treated the four chooks with antibiotics as directed for five days in their water.

    Then discovering it was canker, started her on half 250 Metronizadole 3 days ago and just up'd it to a whole tablet today, I'm also treating the other three chooks.

    I'm changing and washing water drinkers daily. One has water, the other apple cider vinegar and water.

    I've also been giving some probiotic yoghurt.

    Q: When should I notice an improvement or how long should I give her?
    Q: How long should I continue to give the metronizadole to the others, who show no signs at the moment?
    Q: Should I discard all the eggs while they are on the metronizadole?
    Q: When can we start eating the eggs again after?
    Q: Should I also be giving them copper sulphate in their water...How much in a 3.5l drinker?

    Thank you so much...I look forward to hearing from you!

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