Newbie here, 2 wk old attacked, part of wing gone, bone sticking out


9 Years
May 22, 2010
Hi all, I have a 2 week old chick that was apparently attacked by a cat I guess....anyway, few feathers out on left wing at shoulder joint and part of wing completely gone from about last 1/3 of humerus...elbow joint and all gone..but about 1/4" of humerus is sticking out....I put him in our brooder alone with food and water....he is eating, drinking and pooping just fine...I have sprayed the wounds with Vetericyn wound and infection treatment. Also he began pecking at his toes and pulled a claw out on each foot....I didn't know if he was lonely since he had been with 11 others before so I brought one of our BB Red chicks in with him and they are doing ok together....the BB does not bother or peck at him. These are my first chickens and I don't know if he is in pain or what to do about the bone sticking out....any suggestions????
is there any chance you can get him to a vet? when i rescued my blue jay i put him on oral antibiotics( cats carry a bacteria that can kill a bird in 24 hours), in the water, he had lost a wing and damaged his eye. i didn't have a way to give him pain meds- unsure of the dose, is he bleeding still? putting another chick with him is a good idea if you can keep the other one from pecking his wounds- hopefully someone with more experience can help- i must add that he is worth saving, irregardless of damage if he shows the will to fight...
Hi artsyrobin, thanks for the info...had no idea about the cats and bacteria...I failed to mention but this actually happened on Monday, 3 days ago but I have just found you guys, sorry bout that! He is not bleeding and my little BB is not picking on him at all....wounds apear to be healing actually but I just don't know about the bone sticking out...I know it needs to be cut back, I will call a couple of vets in my area and see if they will see him. Do you know if his claws will grow back? And he is such a fighter...I really didn't think he would make it but wanted to keep him away from others to die peacefully but boy was I wrong!!!! All I know is if he does make it through this, he will be one spoiled baby!!!!! Thanks for your help!
they really have a strong survival instinct, and they have a different pain thresh hold too- and i have done rehab on wildbirds, and on my chickens- i refuse to give up unless they do- not sure about the toes, but i agree have a vet see him if possible- you might contact a local feed store for vet recommendations as some vets won't deal with poultry- an avian vet would be ideal- my blue jay looked like he was on his way out- 3 years ago! and he doesn't know he is disabled...

keep everyone updated- and also check the local state board here on BYC, its great for networking with locals- here is a link to the oklahoma board, since you are neighbors!

and the arkansas link

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