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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by tparks2016, May 24, 2016.

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    May 24, 2016
    ok so y Peking ducks and two white turkeys are in there habitat outside for the first time... Its been three days and i have a couple of questions....

    1. The duck wants to eat the dirt more than she wants to eat her food now. I see her eat a little food, but this concerns me,,, every time i walk out there shes got a mouth full of mud.... is this ok? and if not , how do stop it? I worried about this one.

    2. i had the duck and the two turkeys separated. I know ducks are social animals and we continue to try to find a duck friend for her... but she has made friends with the turkeys.... this morning when i woke up we found that the duck got through the separation and was snuggled up with the turkeys... first things first i know thy can live together if they get along which they seem to ; however the turkeys seems to peck at the ducks bill a lot and the duck don't seem to care.... will this cause me problems?

    3. how do you get them to go in there home at night ? they duck runs so hard from me she almost will hurt herself trying... some of the time... if i can catch her she will let me pet her and pick her up...

    Every body seems happy but these are my beginning concerns .... 5 hens are coming into play and i messed up and bought different breeds all heavy egg layers ... the big pen that my husband built for me is preditor proof and im leary to add the chickens into the mix... I wanted to put the chickens with the duck but now that the turkeys are with her im a little nervous and may have to change the coop plans there are plenty of hiding places in the pen we built .... what do you guys think?

    these are probably stupid questions but to me they are good ones. well,,, cant wait to see my first egg and enjoy my duck on the outside !!! becoming an enthusiast and been reading A LOT i found quickly this is my favorite site !!!

    Thanks for reading and look forward to enjoying my new friends with you guys and gals i want to put some pictures up so you guys can post your opinions i would just die if some thing happened because of my lack of knowledge....

    learning ,
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    I'll take a stab at #1.

    Ducks (young ducks especially) like to try to eat just about everything. I was in the yard with my 1mo old ducklings this evening and I watched them explore some mulch, a rock, the garden hose and the bow on my shoe. Last week it was the inseam of my pants, my watch, the buttons on my cardigan, a knot of wood on the floor, a stray chunk of brick, and the same large leaf about 10 times.

    Ducks love mud. And most domestic breeds are dabblers and naturally look for food in the mud. As long as the duck is going for food I wouldn't be too concerned.
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    It is pretty much up to the individual animals how they'll get along.

    I would be cautious - turkeys have harmed ducks in the same pen. But again, each flock is different.

    Sometimes subdividing the shelter is necessary. I find that puppy playpen panels and plastic poultry fence are useful for that.

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