Newbie here..think eggs may not be viable..under broody hen

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    I currently have a broody silkie who is sitting on two red cochin eggs. I collected them from a friend who's hen had been sitting on them for 'a few days' and I set them under her on August 28 (15 days ago). I went to our cottage for a week and had a friend looking afer my chickens. During that week a rat decided to move into our barn. My friend met with the rat early one morning and he was having a 'wrestle' with the broody hen. She scared away the rat however the two eggs had fallen off the bale of hay the hen was setting on. The eggs fell approximately 3 feet onto hay below. This occured when they had been under her approximately 5 days. The eggs were still warm and my friend put them right back under the hen. I'm concerned the shaking may have killed the chicks.

    The eggs are a dark brown. I've researched a lot about candling but just can't get it. The hen is now in a rodent proof cage (plus we killed the rat) and when she was off the nest yesterday grabbing something to eat, I gently picked up the eggs and examined them. They don't smell but I felt a 'swishing' feeling as if there was liquid in them. I would have thought by this stage (as least 15 days if not more) then the egg would have been mostly chick.

    Day 21 is Thursday, Sept. 17 but I'm concerned that if they are toast then I need to source out a couple of day old chicks to slip under her. She has been a dedicated broody and is loosing weight and I don't want to set another load of eggs under her.

    Any other way, apart from candling, for me to know if they are viable?

    Please help,
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    candleing is really the only way unless you open the egg to check but getting the baby back into the egg is the problem. If the eggs fell there is a possibilty that the ebryo died even if the egg did not break.
    this link will show you what you are looking for depending on what day it is in the inc. process. I use a piece of cardboard with a hole that is slaller than the egg and hold it over a compact flourescant bulb, try holding the large end where the air sack should be towards the light slightly this should allow a good amount of light to enter the egg and roll it slowly until you see shadows, there should be a dark spot that will be the embryo and then hold still while watching for independant movement. if there is none do not panick it may only be sleeping if it does move on its own it is still alive. If no movement check it a few more times over a couple of days and you should be able to see both movement and small developments over this period. practice is the only way too know what you are looking at so that you can learn what is good and what is bad. many many people have opened an egg to early and found a living chick inside so don't give up until you are certain.
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    Candling always works for me. I hold the egg by wrapping my first finger and thumb around it. I then take the rest of my hand and wrap it around the head of my 3cell Mag light. In a dark place this works great with no extra items needed. I look for the air sack at the top ( large part ) of the egg. Hope this helped.
    Good luck.[​IMG]

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