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Jul 11, 2021
hello I am a new member. I do not have chickens but my sons family live on a farm and last count they had 17 chickens , 3 ducks and 3 turkeys. I don't know what the breeds are. They have 2 large dogs. I love going to see the grand kids and all the animals. They are preparing for goats. I never had the chance to have farm animals when I was young. I hope to be able to converse with the children with out saying the wrong things.
I love old cars (I have a 30 Ford 4 door)and motorcycles I have a two tone blue Yamaha. Music is important and I have a collection of guitars and I have 4 small dogs and a husband. I am a retired grandma. while looking for parts for an egg incubator that was gifted to us I came across your community. I think its great. Now I can Learn about the chickens know the correct answers to give the children.

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