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6 Years
Sep 4, 2013
Hello everyone! I was "found" by a silly little rooster back in May. He moved into my yard and followed my horse everywhere! Well, I got him two hens last week. Boy, is he proud! He is so good with them. First day I let them loose with him, he showed them the boundaries (won't let them out of the fenced yard), the compost pile, the manure pile, the good sleeping tree... just walked them round and round the property showing them the best spots to dig for bugs. lol I have no clue as to his breed, or theirs. I put the word out at the racetrack that I wanted a couple of hens (I bake cookies for some of the trainers and grooms and figured they could kick in by getting me hens for eggs), came home one day and here are two beautiful hens waiting for me. I have to get some better pictures, but maybe someone can tell me what they are. I was told they were two separate breeds, but not what they were.

I had Rhode Island Reds when I was a kid, and even tried to bring two RI chicks back from the states with me in May. Flight already had its maximum number of pets, so no go on the chicks. :(
Here is the rooster almost grown up. He is really filling out and getting the most beautiful colors

Here is a picture with Rosie and Dove in the background. They are still a bit shy.

This is the girls the day they showed up... put them in the horse trailer for lack of better place.

I got them on Wed. Rosie laid her first egg on Saturday. Gave me another Monday and today. They are so tiny! I remember when our first group of RIs started laying, I was about 11yo and thought they were the cutest little eggs. Was not real happy when they made it to full sized eggs. lol

Welcome to BYC. It looks as if all three of your birds are games of some sort. They are great setters and very protective mothers. Your flock will soon expand when they go broody.
Thank you for the welcomes. I figure they are game breeds, since that is what most are on this island. Still legal to fight them here. There is a breeder in St. Thomas that has more traditional breeds, but have yet to find anyone here with them. There is a Silkie breeder here. But all the other breeds I saw from this island, at the Ag fair, were game breeds.
I was planning on getting a few hens after I built the horse barn, but the rooster showed up one day and stayed, so I felt he needed some girls now that he is maturing. Sure has quieted him down! He used to crow every two hours all night long, now he might crow once overnight and that is usually pretty close to dawn. Since their are free range chickens everywhere on the island, and about every third house has them in the yard, no one complains. lol Least my dog does not bark 24/7 like ALL of my neighbors dogs. But then my guy is not chained in the yard. The chickens have free range in my half acre, fenced yard. We have no raccoons or foxes, so dogs are really the only issue. Since my yard is completely fenced, and my dog knows they are off limits, they are pretty safe. Unlike living in Upstate NY, I never have to worry about the cold. :) Though tonight they are probably looking a bit like drowned rats. lol They have plenty of under cover choices, but choose to be in the mango tree.
So, the breeder told me these hens are Senicia. Can not find them on google. Figure they are probably a South American origin? Closest I see in photos is the Crele Old English. Anyway, they are both now laying! Rosie everyday, and Dove just had first egg yesterday. :)

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