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    May 19, 2011
    Hi everyone, i know ive made some rooky errors, so please be nice! This is my first post and first chickens! [​IMG]

    The farmer that lives near me offered to give me 5 laying hens to get me started. He offered to deliver what he had and i accepted. When he arrived he had 2 hens and 3 2week old chicks! I really wanted layers but hey...

    I was told the chicks had been reared outside and they would be fine in my shed. When i put them out there they were clearly cold and huddling when it turned night, so i brought them in, where they're much happier.

    The 3 chicks - 2 of which im pretty sure are boys (maybe some help with this later), are sparring with each other already! Im keeping them in an old indoor rabbit cage in my house and letting them wander my upstairs study when im around. Ive been reading up, before they go outside do they need anything to protect against cocci? When do they need worming?

    The 2 chickens, one welsummer who im guessing is old, about 3, has the worst scaly leg in the world. So i got some scaly leg spray and put that on her and the other black rock (who isnt showing any signs) and she has been pecking off the lumpy grey scabby horrible bits and now is very pink and sore. Is this supposed to happen? She was laying for 5 days but has stopped since i sprayed her, presuming this is the discomfort?

    All in all, i haven't done too well, serves me right for trusting my neighbour [​IMG]

    Any advice would be great and most welcomed!
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    May 8, 2011
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    I think it's good that you have them now, at least you will take care of them, it doesn't sound like he was doing a good job. [​IMG]
    Also, [​IMG] from NC.
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    Quote:Welcome to BYC. The 3 chicks that are 2 weeks old...chicks at that age will run up on each other, chest bump and run around some more, it's part of establishing a pecking order, it's normal. You really wont know their sex til one or all them start attempting to crow later on. Scaly leg mites can also be treated with vaseline or vegetable smothers them....keep at them til their legs are clear and scales flatten down to normal. As far as the laying goes, anytime there is a stressful situation, they might stop laying for is also normal for them to take a break once in awhile. Any discomfort would be from the scaly leg mites gnawing into her flesh under her scales...this is why you need to keep after them. The signs of cocci are lethargy, fluffed up, not eating/drinking...and one of the final stages is blood in their stool. If the chicks arnt showing any of these symptoms, dont worry about it. Try and keep everything clean. As far as worming is concerned, I wouldnt worry about it til they are full grown hens and up to the first year depending on your environment.

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