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    Jul 31, 2009
    I have a 1 year old Gold Laced Wyandotte who has been laying consistently since January. She is a beauty and has been healthy and free ranged in our garden with our 3 other hens. Today she has her tail at half mast and keeps tucking herself down in dark places under the deck and just laying there. The other chickens pecked at her when I tried to put them all back in their coop garden. I brought her indoors and gave her a warm bath thinking she might be egg bound but nothing happened after 1/2 an hour of soaking. Now she is in a crate resting with a warming light as I watch her. She has her eyes closed and does not seem to want to do anything other than rest in her box. My vet doesn't see chickens and I am not sure what to do next.
    Please help.
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    Aug 11, 2009
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    could be a couple of things
    1 going broody they looks for quiet spots
    2 how does her breathing sound any rattles
    is her comb pale ?
    try giving her an electrolite supliment, TSC has one caled nutridrench or poltridrench I can't remember usually that perks them up
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    Check her crop in the morning for fullness. If it's still full in the morning she likely has a sour crop. It's difficult to tell what's wrong when they don't do something obvious. Look at the skin at the base of her feathers on her neck, base of tail, under vent, legs, under wings- you're looking for little white clumps at the base of the feathers, little red/brown crawlies or black powdery residue. She may have mites, lice, etc. Also, she may have worms. There are lots of possibilities, so observe as much as you can.

    Can she get into something she shouldn't eat? Is there old food around? Possibly mold?
  4. adoptedbyachicken

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    Good that you have her separated and safe. Did you see any bugs when you handled her? Mites are big enough to see running about but lice are much smaller and look like dander but cluster at the base of feathers. If you watch them for a while you will see them move.

    Internal worms can do this too, so watch her poop now that she is isolated. Look for worms themselves or blood which could indicate cocci.

    Meanwhile just keep her safe and warm. Feeding her a higher protein mix is generally a good idea in the case of stress. I tend to mix the usual ration with skim milk powder in times I lock up one that is ill. Keeping mild powder on hand is easy, and it deals with cocci well if you catch it early. I prefer that to drugs.
  5. foofpoofkazzam

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    Jul 31, 2009
    I saw no mites or lice. She had a regular poop and then a watery one, but I saw no worms. Her comb is usually bright red but looks a little chapped after her warm bath. She has a bowl of food and water in her crate with her, so far- no eating. I will watch her closely, anything else I might need to look for? Thank you all for your advice!

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