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10 Years
May 1, 2009
South Central PA
It's been so warm here that I moved almost everyone ( total 14, 6 6-weekers. 8 4-weekers) into the new coop/run. It's super secure and I know very waterproof.

It's about to thunderstorm... do I need to load them all into the coop, they are in the attached static secure topped run. Will they know to go in?

Also I've been popping them in at night, how long before they go on their own?

And there were two age groups of chicks. The older group who is 6 weeks old now has a rooster who likes to chase the 4 weekers around. I've been putting him in his own pen with one of his age hens who he seems to favor when he gets too crazy. What do you think is the best thing here.... if I let it go the 4 weekers all huddle in the corner. When I come in the run however everyone relaxes and he backs off. I guess I'm the head rooster in his mind.

Any help would be great. Thanks ahead of time.
I would sperate the bully and I think the chicks would stay where it isn't wet but I would keep an eye on them just in case. At that age I wouldn't want them to get wet. Also If you are like me and worry yourself to death about it then just bring them in. Just me personally I know I worry myself so I would bring them in before the storm to keep myself from being out there during the storm. But that is just me. My SO still laughs at me about this.
Thank you. You are right it would ease my mind. So I went out in the rain and put them in and locked them up. Left 2 windows with screens open for some air.

And good thing, now they are breaking in programming talking about tornado and hail. Tornado is already to our east but the next cell heading towards us has hail. Don't want to take the chance someone gets bonked...

Oh Stalosan anyone? I read this is good stuff.

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