Newbie on the Northern Colorado Prairie


10 Years
Sep 28, 2009
Northern Colorado
My husband and I bought a small straw bale house in the Colorado Front Range, just at the Western edge of the shortgrass prairie. We inherited a coop and chicken run with the house. This year, I decided it was time to get some chickens. I have two Rhode Island Red pullets that just started laying a couple of weeks ago (Mole and Cinnamon) and two Americaunas that I adopted from the Humane Society (Plucky and, well, still haven't come up with a name for the other. She has no personality at all.) I think the latter two might be getting old, but I'm not sure. They were still laying light-blue eggs when I got them, but now the eggs have very thin shells and I can't wash them without crushing the shell.

They sure loved it when the Miller moths came through! I'm sure I'll have questions like - are tomatoes bad for chickens? Feel free to visit us on the web at - though I only have one chicken photo there right now! Need to update!

Jennifer (and Dan)
from PA! Be sure they have enough oyster shell for strong egg shells.


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