Newbie question- what do I need before I let my broody hen raise chicks?


7 Years
Oct 27, 2012
Sandpoint, ID
We just acquired some chickens from friends who moved away. One of the hens is acting very broody. But before I set her up with a batch of eggs I want to make certain we have what we need to give her the greatest chance of success. I'm in northern Idaho and the high temps right now are in the 40s, it's damp and chilly. We have a barn and a separate coop. Do I need a heater of some sort or will mama hen keep the chicks warm enough until they're ready to go outside?

Thank you!
No heat lamp is needed. Mama will keep the chicks plenty warm. Don't overload her with too many though, she needs to be able to cover them until they are feathered out. If she is in with other chickens, make sure you mark the eggs with a marker. Remove any unmarked eggs that are added to the nest daily. Provide feed and water at chick level and the hen will do the rest.

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