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I have a hen who has made a nest off near the woods in my yard. She had 15 eggs but one got cracked open (from the development I'd say it was about 15 days old) Is it safe to move the eggs and mom into the coop? Or should I leave her be? Once the eggs hatch should I bring the chicks in the house or so I let the hen tend to them? Thanks for your help :)

sorry if these items have already been gone over in other sections.
Whether you move them or not is entirely up to you. Are they safe from predators where they are? If not, you may want to move them. If you do, I would suggest moving hen and eggs all at the same time at night and putting them somewhere where she will feel secluded. I have moved broodies with mixed results. One was a little bantam cochin hen, had been setting for 3-4 days. I moved her and her eggs at night, and she sat tight for 3 weeks. (The eggs never hatched - never even started to develop, but she was glued to them! I bought her some babies to raise.) I had a buff orpington (hatchery bird, so that may have been the problem) who was broody for a week before I found her. She was not in a safe place, so I moved her and her 13 eggs at night into a coop by herself. Next morning, she was off the nest, totally flipped out, and most of the eggs were broken. This year I tried moving a broody and she insisted on going back to her original nest spot. I moved this bird THREE TIMES! I finally just let her be. I also moved a couple of others and they stayed where they were put. So, the results of moving a broody is anyone's guess. In my experience, anyway.
I would leave chicks to be raised by the mama. I think they're just better off learning how to be chickens from day one. And you don't have to worry about heat lamps, teaching them to eat or drink, or anything else. And it's fun watching a hen with a bunch of chicks.
Thanks for your advice. I decided not to risk it.. and i let her be. The first few eggs hatched today there are 6 babies so far :)
Once all the eggs have hatched i will move mom and the chicks into the coop for safe keeping.

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