Newbie to incubating - throw out or keep? Also, chicken raising turkeys?

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    I started with 7 (turkey) eggs in my Brinsea Mini incubator. I candled at day 7 and saw only two spidered eggs with moving embryos. The rest were as follows: clear, clear, clear, darkish (maybe large or broken yolk?), blood ring. I threw out the blood ring egg but left the rest and candled again at 10 days, since I'm told that first candling at 10 days is best for turkey eggs which have a 28 day gestation. The previously clear/dark eggs were mostly still clear, but now two are dark. I see no movement in any of them, or spidering. In the clear eggs, the air sac is detached, but not in the darker eggs. Should I chuck all but the two that I see with moving embryos?

    This is my first hatch, and I'm hoping someone can give me advice so I don't throw away a good egg accidentally! These eggs were shipped to me.

    Also, I was given more eggs than my tiny incubator could hold, so I threw three under a broody hen (chicken) after letting them sit 24 hours upright. Two had tiny cracks from shipping, and the chickens ate those within a few days. The third was not cracked, and it is still in there. Should I bother candling it? Or, if it's bad, will the chickens take care of it?

    Will a chicken be likely to raise a turkey (I could give broody girl all the eggs the last day or two), or would you hatch all eggs in the incubator?

    Thank you for putting up with my 20 questions!

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