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Mar 10, 2011
Safford, AZ
Hello all. On Saturday, my wonderful husband went to pick up some chickens for me, from a friends house...and came back with DUCKS. A "supposed" pair of white ducks (no idea what kind).

Now, it's supposed to be a male & a female. The "male" is bigger & his tail curves up a bit. The "female" has an almost "bald" spot about 2 inches long, on the back of her neck. The problem I'm having is this: On Monday morning we woke to find 1 egg in the duck-yard and then Monday afternoon (around 3 or so), there was another egg in there. Then, I was doing some work in the duck-yard, on their little pond, and I apparently created a hole that was perfect for a nest. So, one of them (don't know which) pushed the eggs into the nest & the "male" was sitting on them. The "female" was "yelling" at him & he just snuggled in a bit tighter.

I know that my chickens only lay 1 egg per day, but I know NOTHING about ducks so I don't know if this is normal. And is it normal for the male to sit on the eggs?

Any help would be great. Thanks!!!
These two ducks were in a yard with about 6-8 other ducks (2 males & 6 or 8 females in total). So, I don't think that she was necessarily mated too much by HIM...but maybe the other male?

I don't know that I'd want to get another duck...? I was unaware that we were getting these ones & I was completely unprepared for them. I "borrowed" my daughters pool to make a liner for a hand dug pond for them (that just leaks continuously).

But my main question is: do ducks lay more than one egg per day & do the males normally sit on the eggs?

Could you post pictures? Oh and the balding it the male breeding to much could you possibly get another female?
Yes they can lay every day, especially the birds bred for egg production of course! I have seen people post here on BYC about males sitting on eggs so it is possible but is very uncommon!

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