Newbie With Four Baby Chicks


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Feb 27, 2010
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Hi There,

I am Meg and we just bought four baby chicks today. We are new to owning chickens, but I have some expierence caring for them as my neighbors have a bunch of chickens. We also have two horses, two dogs, two cats, twelve rabbits, two ten gallon fish tanks, one gallon fish tank, one half gallon fish tank and one hamster. We show and raise rabbits (Mini Rex, Holland Lop, and English Spot). I have an Arabian horse and a Quarter Horse mare.

The baby chicks we got, two are Isa Chickens and I forgot what they said the other two were,
, so I'll have to call tomorrow and find out, I can't for the life of me remember the name, time to hit Google! LOL Anyways, my chicken's name is 'Chica', hence the username.

Look forward to being a regular member!


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