newbie worried-girl just sits...


9 Years
May 30, 2010
Fair Oaks, CA
We added and Americauna Hen to our flock yesterday, we have only been doing chickens for 2 weeks, so I just put her in with the others. My EE went on attack! Even mounting her back and pecking, the new girl would submit and lay down, and the EE just wouldn't stop. So, we seperated the new girl from the rest of the flock for the rest of the night. Now, it's free range time and she won't step outside her coop, and just sits there. She laid an egg yesterday right after we brought her home. I think she hurt her leg during the scuffle. I know now that I shuldn't have just thrown her in, but we did it that way in the past and everyone was pretty much fine. I have never seen my EE be this aggressive. The new girl has several bald spots from feathers being pecked out on her back. What do I do? Just leave her be? Where she came from the lady was keeping them in like a big cage by themselves, they could hardly turn around. So, maybe she has never been free with other chickens? We have no Roos. Just one mean EE!
Separtate her from the flock (should really be quarantined for a month, anyway) and only allow her to free range with the others when you are there to supervise. She should be introduced gradually. If they've already taken off feathers the next strike might be for blood and you'll be on your way to creating cannibals.
Yeah, we have been keeping her away from the top girl and letting her out during free time, but she chooses to stay in her coop. Why is that? I picked her up and put her outside and she was good for a while, scratching and eating like others but she sits down alot. The lady we got her from kept her a small cage i think. Hardly big enough to even turn around. Could it be she just doesn't know what she's supposed to do?? And she seems almost pigeon-toed.

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