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    Apr 6, 2018
    Hi everyone,

    Almost 4 weeks ago i found a dying baby chick on my way to work. it was in the ditch, was wet and cold and was probably gonna die. Ofcourse i coudnt leave it and took it home. I didnt know a single thing about chickens!! Plus living on the island of sint maarten not to many people care about animals here and care products are hard to get.
    I improvised on food and found baby bird formula, it so grew fast!!

    It is doing great now... but it can be challenging as i need to improvise with pretty much anything. i just revived grain chicken food, and it eats it perfectly fine. it must be around 4 weeks by now, so soon we will be able to tell if its a rooster or a hen. We live in a small apt. but we have a balcony that is well protected and big enough to build a coop. (she is inside now as it doesnt have all feathers yet)

    If its a rooster we have no choice but to bring him to the local nature park. but we are debating that if it turns out to be a hen to might keep her...

    Does anybody have experience with having just one chicken in an apartment?? Also they dont sell any grit on island so right now i am using small little pebbles and rocks that i clean and dry. also i have play sand in a big dish in its cage with fine woodchips as bottom. Does anybody recommend anything that is better that be be found in nature?

    Thank you!! :)
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    Nov 17, 2017
    I'm not sure how well they do in apartments since mine are free-range... But it's probably better to give them the grain feed, since that's closer to normal chicken feed. I've heard of people keeping chickens inside, but i'm not sure how they maintain it, since chickens poop everywhere and usually require plenty of space. Could you possibly order food online?

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