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Hello everyone,
New to this forum and don’t have any chickens yet. Still researching. My family eats 5 dozen eggs a week so looking to supplement with my own. Thanks ahead of time for any advise in central Ohio.
My advice is to build your coop twice as large as you think you need, and don't use chicken wire.
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:frow:welcomeI am from ohio as well!! I’m located in Lima. Where are you from? Peep in and say hello to our fellow buckeyes using this thread, Where you live, do you have a restriction on livestock? If not and you want lots of eggs then make/buy a large coop (honestly homemade ones are the best) and get two dozen or so chickens. If you have an old shed or barn then that would work perfectly for your chooks home! Good luck starting your flock and remember that no one is at the bottom of the pecking order here!:ya

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