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Apr 27, 2011
Hi. My name is Kim. I have a small flock of 6 chickens that are currently in "temporary housing" out back. I am slowly but surely getting their new much more spacious digs constructed. So far I have all the posts in and the top put in. Now I will begin trenching between the posts so I can bury wire to deter predators. The area I have does have a few big roots. I am guessing I will just have to trench and skip over the roots. Just wondering if you guys have better suggestions???

Hello and

Congrats on your chickens!
Welcome to BYC. Why bury the wire when you can lay the wire on the ground and put dirt over it and let grass grow through it? An apron going around your pen tied in at the bottom if you wish.
Oh my gosh!! I never thought of that! What a great idea, and soooo much easier!! Wooooohooo! Thanks!

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