Congratulations and Welcome to BYC!
If you read through the different forums, you'll find all kinds of great information. If you have any questions, don't be shy about posting them. There are lots of chicken experts who are happy to offer you advice.

Would love to see a pic of your RIR chicks!
I apologize for the state of their brooder (yes, it's a pet carrier lol). I've had them for a couple days but haven't had time to clean it yet. They're active and chirp constantly which is pretty cute. They're shy still, but I'm working on getting them used to me, and they'll come over at least.

As long as you keep handling them, and feeding them, they'll warm up to you. Most chickens have a great love for the person who brings them their food...
Welcome to BYC
They are adorable. When they are a little bit older (2 weeks+) you can start giving them treats like mealworms and that will help win their affection very quickly. Have a look in the
Learning Center for more on raising chicks, treats, etc. Enjoy!

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