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  1. animallvr

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    Dec 27, 2010
    Hi...I am new at the whole chicken life. We have incubated our first batch of chicks which were due to hatch Christmas eve. We had one born Christmas Day and three more born the day after. Today we had another two born. The last one who was born only a few hours ago is acting funny. She keeps chirping and looking up before flopping backwards. When she is on her back you can see her struggling to turn back over but does after a bit. I had noticed tonight the older four picking on this one and have since removed them leaving this one and the other one born today in the incubator. I figured they were safe and warm in here. I am not sure if it is because she was just born and still working on getting strength or if there is problems. Just my others did not act like this. I am willing to try anything, I have the time and patience to devote, just looking for some advice. Please no negativity, we are new at this yes but we are doing this to give my kids the joy of raising their own. I do now problems arise and looking to do what ever we can do to help to prevent pain and discomfort while in the same time give her a chance to live a full and happy life.
    I have tried going threw archives but find I keep checking on her and loosing my page. thank you
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    Jul 17, 2009
    You could try giving her some gatorade or sugar water. Some times the flip over thing is a result of dehydration and lack of electrolytes. She took a while to hatch- so she could be thirsty and her neurons may be misfiring.

    Use a dropper and put a bit on her beak. The sweetness will make her lick her beak, so you know she is getting some. Try getting a ML in her ever couple of hours, with water available to drink on her own.
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    Also, sometimes, it's simply a matter of time for them to get recovered from all the work they did hatching. She might be much better in the morning.
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    Nov 12, 2009
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    I put little sugar and dash of salt in some water and give it drinks of it. You can put it in incubator so at costant temp on towel and others aren't pecking it. Just give it drink every few hours. It probably will get stronger. Sometimes a little chicken will have bowel twisted on inside from having yolk and nothing you can do about that or be constipated. The frequent drinks is best thing. Give the drinks careful so not to drown the baby and hold its head up when it drinks.
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    Dec 27, 2010
    I just tried some sugar water.. i just dropped it on its beak. I know she has some I seen it in her beak. I do have her on a towel in the incubator and have her rested with three sides, seems when she is not propped against anything she flips over. When she has the sides against her she stays right side up. But then again she seems content upside down also, she does not struggle, just lays there and sleeps just on her back. The heat I have at about 95 degrees and the humidity at 60. She is with the other one just born today so she is not alone. Seemed the other four picked on these two. I did notice in my hand she attempted to stand and not flip over. but then when she got what seemed to be excited her head pushed back and she flipped over. I did rub her neck gently and she seems to be exhausted. I got her to calm down enough where hopefully she is now still sleeping. I know she peeped a hole last night but did not hatch until late today... I know she was very delayed in hatching. The other one with her is also a little wobbly and very exhausted... hopefully in the am they both will be better.
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    First of all : [​IMG]

    There are a couple of things you do tomorrow -- give her a drop or two of polyvisol children's liquid vitamins WITHOUT iron. You can get this at any drug store or grocery. I would dilute it -- two drops in a tablespoon of water. What I use for wee chicks is a small jar lid, like a babyfood jar. The other thing you can do is use this vitamin water to dampen chick starter -- it makes it easier for them to digest. Chances are she will be much better tomorrow. She's worked really hard to hatch and it will take a bit for her to get her co-ordination together. Let us know how it goes.

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  7. animallvr

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    Dec 27, 2010
    Day 2...
    She is getting better. Her head is completely upside down but she is able to stand without flipping over. She is trying to hop around the incubator and has pooped. I noticed when I hold her she keeps her mouth open to breathe and very raspy. Not sure if it is nerves or that she has some problems. She is defiantly trying tonight to move is just her head that is upside down. I am still trying to feed sugar water to her to keep her hydrated.
  8. HorseFeatherz NV

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    I also second the baby vitamins - Poly vi Sol without iron. Just a drop on her beak, and the vits are good to have "just in case".

    Try some crumbled chick starter on your towel she is on. It will give her something to focus and peck at - might help her neck muscles.

  9. key west chick

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    Sounds like wry neck. If you do a search on here, you will find all sorts of info.
  10. animallvr

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    Dec 27, 2010
    I do have starter chick feed in the incubator as well as a little bit of water available. She is also with the other one born just before her. I removed the other four. I know the four are eating on their own and the one just before her is also eating on her own.
    She is trying to hop around which is a huge difference than yesterday when all she did was flop backwards right away.

    I will get some vits tomorrow, never made it out to a store today.

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