Newborn chick URGENT


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5 Years
Jul 15, 2014
The chick started pipping yesterday (Monday) at about 5:00pm, it hatched today at about 12:00pm. It is unable to stand and there seems to be some green slimy stuff beside it. I needed to help it get the egg off that was still attached to it when it was first born. Its legs are straight out behind it and I don't think that it can lift its head.
Try not to panic your chick sounds like it was well within the time for hatching sometimes pip to hatch can 24 hours plus. The green stuff you are seeing is quite normal it's the poop that has no wear to go when the chick is in the egg still. How was the egg attached to it? Stuck on the chick down or attached to it by its cord? Some chick take awhile to get going it's very hard work for them to hatch. They spend a lot of time resting.
If that was first to hatch and the membrane had dried and stuck to the chick I would try to raise your humidity more so that hopefully you won't have any more stuck. Good luck with hatch and chicks.

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