Newborn hatched - defect feet facing inwards... :(


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Mar 14, 2013

This is my little baby. It seems fine, sleeping a bit but is trying wry had to stand and sit up. But the feet are a worry. What do I do? :( I'm afraid I'm going to hear what I don't want to....
Don't worry, the toes will probably straighten out some as it gets a little more mobile. If they don't, their bones are very flexible when they're this little so you can fix its toes if they stay curled by making it little booties, as seen in this thread:

There are other options for making booties too, and if you do a search for it I'm sure you can find lots of different ways :)
I have tried my best with this little one but it was born Saturday and now it's Tuesday and its the only chick with almost no progress. Has not stood up, eyelids are lookin a little purple as if bruised, have tried to give water and its laying on its side no matter how I try and prop it up. I don't know what to do :(
You can put him in a little cup so that his legs hang down and he's upright if he can't stand. You could dropper feed him some sugar water just to try to get something into him. You could make a paste out of his food and some water and try that as well. Sorry he's having such a hard time, it's hard to see a baby like that :(
No need. I guess it just wasnt strong enough it past away :'(. The water did have a little sugar too... :(

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