Newborn/young kids outside


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11 Years
Oct 28, 2008
We have baby chicks everywhere!!! I count 11 at the moment, and I keep seeing new ones everyday. I know there are eggs around, but lately there havent even been hens laying on them because they have other chicks they are walking around with. But heres my question. Some chicks have moms that are protecting them, while others dont have moms and are alone. My coop is open and my chickens are free range, they can always come out, but they have areas they roost and stay in at night, I dont lock them in they just go in, its always worked until these chicks. The ones not being taken care of are dying... how do I take care of them? I tried putting one in a smaller sized cage I transport in and left it outside in the shade area, gave it food and water, well it died the next day. And in a few hours time it was almost like it pecked the cage and broke its beak, it was weird. What should I do?
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