Newby greens feeding question


8 Years
May 3, 2011
Dallas, TX
Ok, from what I've gathered making sure my chickens eat enough greens is the best way to get great tasting eggs is to make sure your hens get a good variety of greens. If they don't get greens every day, will their eggs only taste extra good the day after they get greens?

Also, they get high quality organic feed and get to spend all day in their 1000sq ft yard. They have killed all the grass, which is why I am supplementing with extra greens as much as I can.

Anything else I can do for extra yummy eggs?
I don't really know if you would notice a difference or not. Mine are on grass all the time. Maybe providing them straw, leaves, etc., in their run which would compost and they could dig through and would also attract insects they can eat. If anything, insects probably would make the most difference.
i saw an interesting post of a picture of a coop and yard (wish I could remember which one) but the idea is to have a raised wire platform to keep the chickens off the grass in some places in your run, it keeps them from scratching it all up and the grass grows through the mesh where they can stand on it and graze. You could use several of these and rotate around in your might have to compost and reseed to get the grass back, then let em eat that, mine love to graze.
Thanks...they get plenty of bugs right now...especially since I found that my compost barrel has now become a black soldier fly breeding ground, LOL! I give them a couple of scoops of larvae a day. I also have an open compost pile that they love to dig through.
It can take six or seven days before I can begin to tell a difference in yolk color if my yard hens don't get out to free range. Should work much the same if you're bringing the greens to them.

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