Newby here...I'm a cross between animal lover, mild prepper and penny pincher!


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So happy to find this site! I'm still in the research phase...need two or three quiet layers for sunny Southern California, urban San Gabriel Valley area. Any suggestions as far as breed goes? I love animals and was raised here with horses and livestock, and also want to be mildly prepared with some self-sustaining food supplies in case of an emergency (NOT a doomsday prepper but definitely prepared for 72 hour shelter in place) would also love to save money on eggs! Chicken fit the bill and I'm not sure why I haven't gotten them sooner, though I've thought of it often! Thanks for any advice or information! :)


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Hello and welcome to BYC
Have a look in the Breeds section to see what's available and what their characteristics are. There are so many breeds available and everyone's different. Some lay very well, like Leghorns, some are stunning and lay colourful eggs, like Easter Eggers, some are really sweet, like Orpingtons... Have fun!


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Greetings from Kansas, MouseCheese, and
! Glad you joined us! I feel much the same way you do - kind of want to be perpared to rough it if I had to. I agree with sumi - Orps are friendly and quiet - I have a Blackstar and a Redstar which are also great layers, quiet, friendly, and great foragers. Best of luck to you!

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