newby here-RIR w/sticky poopy rear

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    May 12, 2011
    Hi all,

    I can't find a thread I thought I'd saved on here about someone feeding their girls food with olive oil mixed in to prevent sticky poopy butt. Our poor Henrietta is about 5 weeks old now and has had sticky/pasting up problems since we got her at 1 day old.

    At this point, I don't think she's actually pasting up at the vent. I think her poop is just getting stuck in her upward-growing feathers that are just below the vent, which is then hardening up, and if I don't catch it for a couple of days, then it's a really hard mess that does end up getting goo'd up by her vent.

    Her poop varies from completely normal consistency (greyish w/the white cap) to runny normal (brown w/out the white cap). She is eating and drinking. Only every now and then she seems a bit lethargic, but then I'll see her running around with the rest of the girls, doing normal crazy chicky stuff.

    I started putting ACV in their water last night. I fed her some organic vanilla yogurt earlier in the week. It just doesn't seem like she's actually sick so I haven't really gone full-blown into treating her like she is ill.

    Someone wrote an answer to another post that they fed their girls oatmeal with olive oil in it and that helped with the sticky poop on their feathers. Does anyone know about this or where I can find that thread? Can you feed 5 week old chicks oatmeal and olive oil? We are feeding them organic starter feed and we give them some vegetable table scraps like raw broccoli and lettuce. They also run around in a homemade porta-pen during the day eating whatever they find in the backyard grass.

    Help! I'm getting tired of cleaning Henrietta's little red rear all the time (I thought my days of wiping bottoms were over when my kids were out of diapers)! She's not real happy about it either [​IMG].

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    I'm far from being an expert on this, but if you've tried all that and still no luck, I don't know??? I hate to say this but with my limited experience, it seems like some chickens are just better than others and chickens are just like all other walks of life and some are just healthier and have better genes. I work in health care and have for 20+ years now and see tons of sick people and mostly it's the same group that just keep coming back again and again. I know people that still stink even after they get out of a shower and always look greasy and I know bunches of fat people that diet and workout, as well as, people that have lots of formal education but still seem very stupid. LOL!!!!

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