Newcastle reported near me, vaccinate or no?

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    Fiance and i are in our first year of chickendom, and i was doing some vaccine research. We are doing a mix of hatching and buying chicks. The bought chicks will have been givem Mareks vaccines.

    In my research i found that a case of newcastles was found within a 2 hour radius of me. Now i dont know if i should vaccinate our hatched chicks for Mareks and Newcastles and the shipped chicks for Newcastles or not. What should i do?
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    There are several strains of Newcastles disease. The exotic Newcastles virus is very rare, deadly, and usually not found in the US. However there are 2 other strains that are milder and less deadly. occasionally when a chicken is necropsied by a state vet, they may have one of the lesser strains. I would call the state vet's office to discuss whether they are actually seeing thisor not. If the case was in a wild bird, it might be less of a threat. Newcastles vaccine is available online through in a spray form that is used in birds 2 weeks old and older. I have never vaccinated my birds for anything other than Mareks, and the chicks I have hatched myself haven't even had that. Anyway, I
    know it is something that you may want to research more, and here are some links about the virus and where to find vaccine info:

    Ohio Department of Agriculture
    Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory 8995 East Main Street
    Reynoldsburg, OH 43068 Phone: (614) 728-6220
    Fax: (614) 759-1467​
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