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8 Years
Feb 28, 2011
I just joined today, I don't have chickens yet, but I am hoping to get some soon I am soaking up knowledge first, i live in NE Texas, east of Dallas, I am on ss disability but can walk slowly and only have use of one hand, my daughter and her family have agreed to build me a chicken coop, I think she wants free eggs once I get going, I live alone, my neighbor, also my landlord, had chickens before but said a hawk or owl got them so will be looking to build something secure, i know I have lots to learn, so any tips on making things easier I would appreciate, I have one very old cat, she is 17+ yo, I am out in the country, so no neighbors to complain in fact most mornings I can hear a rooster crowing, but haven't seen him yet, I found this site from a post on another site, I have been reading for hours and i fear I have lots more reading to do.

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