Newest baby spent the night outside

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    We have a brabanter and a fav that are about 12 wks old, and a BO that is about 6 wks. The big girls have been in their outside coop and run for about 6 wks. Little one has been in the brooder inside. spoiled. the only baby.
    I have been putting her outside with the big girls during the day. Every evening when I go out to get her she is in the corner by the door, having a melt get me the heck out of here why are you doing this to me type meltdown. So, spoiling her more I would take her in, cuddle with her awhile before tossing her back in the brooder with her big stuffed chickie momma.
    I decided with somewhat warmer temps I would kick her outside all night...and last night was the first night for it.
    I put them all 3 in the coop. I put a small box on its side full of pine shavings for little bit to hide in if she wanted. I put food and water in there, and I put the heat lamp back in...and I locked them all 3 in the coop(normally I dont close the pop door and the two bigs roost in the doorway).
    I got home from work this morning and somehow they had managed to get the door totally off. not just opened, but out of the tracks and laying on the ground. Little bit was back in the front of the run, in her corner, having a meltdown at the door as soon as she saw me. The two bigs started cooing acting like nothing was going on at all.
    I don't know if she is distressed because omg you threw me out here with them and the big mean ducks were staring at me...or if shes just a wee bit spoiled.
    The ducks had escaped from their yard also...and were in their usual escapee spot, laying next to the chicken run staring in(they want to live in there again I think, they all started together in the chicken coop).
    So, of course I spoiled her some more...I went in to do the morning feed and water routine, and little bit was in my arms the whole time, trying to make me feel sorry for her.
    I don't know who is more or her.

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