Newest Serama's


13 Years
Apr 12, 2008
Buffalo, Missouri
I got some Serama's in the mail today

I will be getting some from bluegrass Serama's (the next time we go through Kentucky to see our son) and with this trio I got today, I think I'll have a "really" great start.

Thanks everyone, this hen I named Diamond. I need to take more pics but my son asked me to come into town to have breakfast so I'm heading that way.......
Very nice! Needs her beak trimmed. Have pics of the others? Where'd you get them? How old are they? More! More! More!
They came from Jerry's Serama's. They need a little TLC but they are very nice. I've never trimmed a beak before, never had one that needed it......I'll figure it out but any tips are appreciated.
They're about 5 months old, 2 B's and a possible A (the white speckled one). I just got home so I need to take a few daylight pics.

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