newly hatched chick cant stand keeps flipping over-need advice!!!!


9 Years
Oct 14, 2010
I was so excited to hatch our first batch of eggs!! I have mostly standard size breeds (cochins, buff orphingtons, golden comets, barred rock)...but then I have my FAVORITE...Millie...she is a white sultan. She is my little lady...who will lay and egg when she feels like it and where ever she feels like it...she is really something else!!
She laid and egg when I decided to put eggs in the incubator so low and behold her egg was the LAST one to hatch...I had waited for what feels like forever to see her baby chick...well it finally happened last night. But......the little tiny baby cant stand on its own and keeps flipping over and is non stop chirping!!!! So....I had read somewhere on the net about putting it in a small sock. So I tore apart my daughters room to find a mismatched small sock and put the chick in it and then I Put it on my lap with a heating pad....the chick is fine so long as I am holding it. But when I set it down, the chick comes out and is back to chirping and is falling all over and cant stand.....I am new to this whole baby chick experience (all of my other chicks are up walking eating drinking and playing with each other). Can anyone help me with this???
Congrats on your first hatch! Get a small coffee cup/mug and place the chick in there for about 20-30 minutes at a time. If it still can't stand upright on its own put it back in the cup. Repeat until it corrects itself. I've had multiple chicks do this and they've all come out ok in the end, usually within about 6 hours of trying to correct them. I had a turkey poult that took 48 hours, but she is now a healthy normal 8-month-old. Good luck!
Thank you very much!!! I am going to try this right now....I am hoping that tomorrow "it" will be I have been his serogant and every time I set the chick down he starts chirping and he wont stop until I hold him!! Needless to say I havent gotten much done!!

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