Newly hatched chick glued PLEASE HELP

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  1. tothefifth powe

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    Mar 3, 2016
    I just assisted an eg to hatch because it got stuck durring zipping for 24 hours. The chick came out completely dry with a little yolks sack with nothing in it. It's feathers are rock hard like dried glue. It's was born 1 hour ago. What should I do? Wait... Wash it? Btw I think it is the dried membrane that is this glue bc/ I can see veins on the areas where the feathers are hard. It is also throwing itself around, and peeping so hard my ear drum are close to shattering (with excitement!)
    Please help asap!
  2. newwestchick

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    I'm no expert but I personally would wash that stuff off, minding it's belly button area. Then dry it under the heat lamp or with a blow dryer on low. Good luck!
  3. Pipe Dreaming

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    Aug 12, 2014
    Montrose, MI.
    I've gently cleaned a hardened glue chick. I held it in a warm damp wash cloth while using a Qtip I had ran under very warm to rub some of the gunk off. Keep it warm, don't try to get it all at once. Put it back in the bator to rest. Took me about 4 mini baths to get him decent.

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