Newly hatched chick is 'lethargic' and very sleepy.

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by eenie114, Jul 17, 2011.

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    So, I know chicks are really tired after they first hatch, but how long does it take them to 'wake up'? I have one chick that hatched around seven PM today. It's now 10:30, and the chick is sitting in the brooder flopped over and looking downright miserable. I gave it some water with a dropper, and it seemed glad to get it, but after I gave it like four droppers full, I put it back in the brooder to avoid giving it too much at once, and it went back to sitting there looking pitiful.

    Brooder temperature is at about 97 degrees. Is there anything more I can do?
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    Poor thing, it might be one of those "tough" cases. I would lower the brooder temp for sure. I shock a lot of folks, but I start mine at 90F, not 95. Back off on the handling and water, too. Give it until tomorrow. Do you have any other chicks in there? If so, you may want to put up a screen for the slowpoke.

    Best of luck. And NO brownies for chicks!
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    The water that you are using is it regular water? You might want to try a little bit of sugar or I found Electrolyte water does wonderful to get them a little bit of a jump start. I have a chick being "lazy" sort of speak, I gave it one drop, waited about 30 minutes gave it another drop because it was having difficulties walking and lifting his head. After about 15 minutes from the second drop the little guy gets up and starts to walk around. Not a whole lot of walking because he goes right back down. Now I will wait until morning about 8 and give him another shot of the electrolyte water until he manages on his own for more then 30 minutes...
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    I would try some of this stuff, Sav-A-Chick

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