Newly hatched chick with feet/leg issues- any hope?

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    I have a Appenzeller Spitzhauben chick that hatched on Friday (3/2) and could not walk because of curled toes. Right away we tried to fix his toes with light cardboard and bandaids - which seemed to help a little. Next day he was spraddle legged - so we put a hobble on him. The chick are on paper towel for footing. He mostly slept and tried to move a little. I've been feeding the chicks we hatched out a vitamin water for chicks with a little extra vitamin B. He has gotten worse - he now cannot lift his chest up and scoots a little on his belly with his feet under him. Is there any hope for him?
    Three hatched from the 10 eggs at lockdown. One hatched on day 20 - the strongest with no problems. #2 hatched on day 21 - curled feet and walking on elbows - this one responded to band-aid and hobble treatment, however doesn't have much bend at ankle and walks slightly on tips of toes (no real steady). #3 hatched on day 22 - quickest to hatch from pip to zip. #3 is the one I'm concerned about.
    Of the 7 other eggs no more hatched (5 had full grown chicks and had been rocking). Is there a genetic problem here? Were the parents of these chicks not fed a vitamin rich diet? Or because my incubator ran slightly low (98.5-99) did that cause the problem?
    Anyway, I wanted to know if there was anything more I can do for this little chick. I dip his beak in the water to drink 7-10 times a day.
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    There is always the possibility that the little one will improve and regain its ability to walk. We have had survivors of chicks we expected to die. It may or may not make it but it never hurts to try.
  3. I would not use paper towels. I used to but their feet just slip on them when they're that small. This year I started using that stuff you get at Walmart to go under carpets so they don't slide on the floor or on shelves to provide a non-slip cushion under your glasses. It's on the isle with the shelf liners. It works great. Cleans easily and they don't slip and slide on it.

    Your humidity in your incubator was probably too high. This has a tendency to cause foot/leg problems in hatchlings.

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