Newly hatched chick with injury from hen


6 Years
Apr 16, 2013
New to this so bear with me. Hatched a couple eggs in the incubator and had one that was a bit weak. I had an Idea of putting one of my hens (who had been sitting) in with the new hatchlings. I left her for about 5 min and in that time she pecked at the weak one. I immediately took her out and the chick had part of its insides coming out. Thought for sure it was going to die because it was barely breathing. I set it in a towel thinking by morning it would be long gone. To my surprise it was still alive this morning although it still has a small protrusion. It was up walking around and cheeping. Anyone know what I should do?
from Ohio and God Bless!!! Sorry about your weak chick. Try posting here Good luck and I hope she recovers.

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