Newly hatched chick with leg issues "Help" please!!

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    Jun 21, 2016
    Ok so this hatch has been rough! It has been a learning experience and just :( I am afraid the heat spike did something to their legs.
    I have lost 3 chicks!!
    I had 6 that had leg issues!! 3 of those have died! Lost 2 polish last night! Both were smaller and though they coukd get around they stayed down on their hocks.
    Now the 3 that are left:
    #1EE was putting its feet over its head and spinning around at hatch. After making vet wrap hobbles for 2 days he is running around the brooder like nothing!!

    #2 EE had splayed leg and did good with the hobbles on day 1 but day 2 it kept falling over and her leg was straight. So I read about slipped tendon and I made a chick chair (sour cream tub and a sock) and used straws for braces and she was like that for a day. She now is running all over the brooder like nothing.....

    but #3 is a polish and I call him the little old man....who might just be a girl but I cant help myself lol he/she is black with a grey top notch, greyish belly and a grey beard lol
    He/she is a fighter for sure. It couldnt move after hatch...was weak and just laid there peeping. His legs wouldnt/couldnt get up under him. I built him a chick chair and he is doing ok. He still hasnt eaten but he is I am typing he is loudly peeping at me lol he likes the scratches I give him on his head and neck.

    i got him out this morning and his legs are straighter then before and his toes arent curled looking....but he will still fall face forward. So I took the straws off his legs put hobbles on and now letting his feet touch just enough where he can push on his feet. He wants out so bad but hopefully this will help him!! We will see!!! Do you have any pointers?!?!




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    It looks like you are doing a nice job! This will be helpful to others so please do keep the thread updated when you can. Your photos are also helpful.

    The only thing I can add, since Little Old Man is drinking but not eating, try wet chick starter to see if he will take it. Sometimes even little crumbles like starter is too big for littles to eat. Just wet some - play around with the "soupiness" to see if he can eat it .

    Also if you haven't done so, add or give some poultry vitamins containing Vitamin B2(riboflavin). B2 is sometimes helpful with leg developmental issues.

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