Newly hatched chicks put under a non-broody silkie?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by joebryant, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. joebryant

    joebryant Crowing

    Has anyone tried when it was dark putting newly hatched chicks under a silkie that was not broody?

  2. Mahonri

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    May 14, 2008
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    Don't think it will work Joe.
  3. kbbeale

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    Oct 26, 2007
    Adkins, Tx
    My question is why?
  4. joebryant

    joebryant Crowing

    Several reasons:
    1. I will be having some chicks hatching on the 11th.
    2. My middle name is sloth.
    3. I'd rather stick my silkie with taking care of them than be stuck with it myself.

  5. morelcabin

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    Feb 8, 2007
    Ontario Canada
    your sikie might take them on if you put them in a pen with her alone. Has she ever raised chicks before?
  6. joebryant

    joebryant Crowing

    Quote:Yep, last fall she sat on six U.S. mail delivered eggs. One of them hatched; the other five eggs got scrambled in the mail. She still has the seven-month-old silkie chick with her. I don't know if its a hen or rooster. She was/is a really good mother to it, but aren't ALL silkies good mothers.
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  7. morelcabin

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    Feb 8, 2007
    Ontario Canada
    You know what, I bet she'd do it:>)
    I had to put a silkie cock in with my chicks last year, the chicks were about two weeks old. He stayed with them and they snuggled up with him at night. He didn't seem to mind
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  8. joebryant

    joebryant Crowing

    That's good to know. There'll be as many as 15 to hatch, and I'll put a heat lamp in the coop too so that they can get under it if they have to. Maybe the hen and big chick (bigger'n her now) will help keep them warm. I'll try it. I really don't think that they would hurt the chicks, but you never know. I'm pretty sure though that my three bbs Orpingtons would kill them on sight, but... well, you evidently know how silkies are.
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  9. morelcabin

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    Feb 8, 2007
    Ontario Canada
    Yes, the orpingtons would kill them onsight, but the silkies are so much different. Keep the heat lamp in there, in case she never lets them actually get under her, but she most likely won't hurt them
    Good luck!

  10. Morel, cocks are a different story. Most won`t hurt a chick and rather like the company. I`ve never had silkies, so I can`t comment on silkie hens, but no hen I ever saw would accept a chick if she wasn`t broody. Be careful Joe.

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