Newly Hatched Duckling, When Should They Be Walking/Upright?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Corvustristis, May 8, 2016.

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    May 8, 2016
    Hello everyone, looking for personal experiences on how soon ducklings in particular should be holding themselves upright and walking. Duckling hatched fully at 3am, and stayed in incubator as there was a half grape sized yolk sac still visible. I gently cleaned this with a damp cotton bud sterilised with diluted food grade solution. I stayed up all morning watching the little one and due to humidity they have not dried out. Yolk sac almost fully absorbed now at 12pm (9 hours later) and all redness and goo has gone, "wound" looks healthy and pink, not black or red as it was at first. Little one hasn't dried out and has yet to stand, I'm hoping that this is due to being damp and newly hatched and the next 24 hours will see enough strength to hold head up and stand. There's a lot of regular vocals and breathing and the chick isn't rolling around on back, they are mainly on their side kicking legs out and occasional flap of wings. Duckling rolls onto front as though attempting to stand and moves neck from side to side so it's not burying face down. Does all this sound hopeful? Do you think the next 24 hours will see normal progress once dried out? Currently in sterilised brooder under heat lamp and thermometer keeping temperature around 90F. Is sugar water or vitamin/electrolyte tabs a good idea in dropper bottle? Anything else I can do?

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