Newly laying chickens laying two eggs in one sitting?


Sep 3, 2019
I am a first time chicken owner. I have 5 girls and 1 bantam rooster. I have 1 buff orpington and a NHR which are 5 months old and 1 EE, and 2 SLW's that are 4 1/2 months old. My rooster is my youngest and hes 4 months old just to get as specific as possible. I recently started letting them all roam my property and it seems like the day I let them out of the run the buff orpington started laying eggs. The next day I caught one of my SLW's laying. I searched everywhere for eggs and I found my buff's nest and covered it and she started laying in the nesting boxes. She is the only one who's been consistently laying(that I know of) and her eggs are getting bigger. After a couple days I stopped letting them out of the run to kind of force them to lay in the nesting boxes and I put ceramic eggs in there. My SLW girls havent layed any eggs and we are on day 2. This morning my NHR was in the box and my EE and 1 of my SLW'were harassing her the whole time. I gave her some privacy and came back later and there was this huge egg and a super small like a first time laying egg in there. So I was wondering if it's possible my NHR layed both of them or if I just didnt catch one of my SLW girls laying real fast(I was watching the whole time but at a distance). I have checked all of there vents everyday and the only one who's looks like shes not laying is my EE. Is it possible for a chicken to lay 2 eggs in one sitting? I uploaded a picture of the two eggs I pulled today and then a picture of all of the eggs I have gotten so far just to kind of show how big the huge egg is compared to the other eggs.


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