Newly moved 1 1/2 year old hen - no egg in new home

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    Sep 6, 2009
    Hi There -

    We got lucky (on Craigslist - thanks for the tip!!) and added to our 2 RIRs on Saturday. We got all 4-5 month olds (like my RIRs) except one 1 1/2 year old cochin who the woman we bought from said was laying regularly (an egg most days). We got 4 of her hens, so the "new faces" for the cochin are my 2 RIRs youths. She took charge of them in no time, so I am sure she feels comfortable here.

    She's very sweet, plump, foraging in the run which is moved daily and out of the run under supervision only (so I know there's no egg stash), getting unlimited layer mash and water, but still no egg. I knew it would be a couple of days to adjust to the move and new home, but it's Wednesday!! We got her Saturday!

    Where's my egg? Should I put a store bought egg in the nest box? I don't own a wooden fake one....

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    It can sometimes take weeks for a hen to get comfortable and resume laying after a move, though some never seem to miss a beat. They are certainly individuals.

    I personally would not leave any real egg in a nest. There is the chance they can break and teach the hens egg-eating plus an egg in place overnight is an invitation to egg-eating predators, especially rats. I put plastic easter eggs in mine to show them where to lay. I put some sand in them to give them some weight so they are not as easy to knock out of the nest and glued them shut. Golf balls also work. I've even heard of people using ping pong balls and those rock eggs. Anything about that size and shape can work.

    Good luck!
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    yeahh i got my 4 new hens that are the same age 3 weeks ago and still no eggs from them, i think the hens just need time to settle in and will take as long as they darn well want to lol to lay their egg i have golf balls in my nest boxes and the hen that i do have that lays always lays hers next to the golf ball
  4. kathleengp

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    Sep 6, 2009
    Thanks guys!! Looks like maybe one of my young girls may beat the seasoned veteran to lay our first egg for us. I will get a golf ball for he nest for enciuragement, didn't think about the risks of a real egg.

    Looks I need to tell the kids they can stop coming down the stairs every morning saying, "egg yet?" lol. Sounds like it will be a few weeks...



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