NH Deerfield Fair


11 Years
Sep 3, 2008
Tomorrow, Sept. 25th, at 9:00 a.m. is the Poultry and Water Foul Judging located in the Poultry Building at the fairgrounds.

My husband and I are both taking time off to go to this. I have a question. Does anybody know if people sometimes sell their birds there also?

Do many people in this area bring their birds for competition showing?

Is the place usually packed or is a place I can bring my granddaughter to and still look around?

Thanks in advance if some of your chicken folks have any idea what goes on.

I do know there is Chicken Swap of sorts coming up on Oct. 12th held at the fair grounds also put on by the Poultry Assoc. I believe. We plan to go to that one also.
Hi Pmitch,
I don't know about selling at that show,but Oct 12th they have a swap at Deerfield fairgrounds.It starts at 8:00 am.
In N.H.,Tony.
Well, my husband, granddaughter and I went to the Poultry judging arena. They had some very beautiful and BIG birds there.....along with many beautiful bantams and other foul like ducks and turkeys.......very impressive!

And many people were selling their birds after the judging but you could tell them you were interested before hand if they put on the ticket they were for sale.

We did not come home with any, though my husband hemmed and hawwed.
The ones he liked were a bit expensive for our budget.

We are definitely going back on Oct. 12th for the Poultry Show.

On the way to Deerfield we noticed ANOTHER Tractor Supply being finished in Chicester. Looks like a terrific place for another poultry swap.

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