NH people? Anyone know wetland laws?


10 Years
Jul 1, 2009
new Hampshire
Anyone on here from nh know the laws on farm animals/livestock regulations on or near wetlands? Also near brooks and streams. I have called the town office no help, department enviromenatal services no help
Ohh I had that info somewhere.............. I will find it.
Are you looking for wetland info or the shoreland laws ?
More specifically, what do you need to know? Ask it. NH is my homestate.

ETA: Do you have runoff going into wetlands? When we bought a parcel of land in Grafton county, we were threatened that part of it may be considered wetlands because of "standing water". It was also where they had cleared trees and left huge ruts a few years before hand. We were also told that wetland laws are federal laws. We sold the parcel and moved to NY, so I never found out if that was true.
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I have 7 acres some wetlands some not. I also have a brook that goes through the lot that leads to a large lake. I have a horse that is at my uncles but needs to be moved here.

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