NH pick up only,"" True Rumpless Tufted Araucana LF Chick's""!!


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11 Years
Sep 17, 2008
Massena NY
This is a rare chance to get some true Rumpless Tufted Araucana, I have availiable chick's at 1wk old,3 wks old, and 6-8 weeks old. The Price for pick up at my home is below,Sorry no shipping availiable.

Chick's That are both rumpless and tufted or rumpless and clean faced are $10.ea (any age)

Chicks that are Tufted and Tailed (which are capable of producing both rumpless and tufted offspring) are $6.ea (any age)

Chicks that are clean faced and tailed (which can still have offspring that are rumpless and clean faced) Are $5.ea

"NOTE" All Of the above will lay blue Egg's only, availiable color's of chick's Are- brown-red, White(recessive),Black(extended),Blue(which have some mahogany), And possibly duckwing. All Chicks are straight run(un-sexed) Parent stock is availiable for your inspection as well as egg's. PM Me for info, I will get back to everyone by friday- Pick Up Will be Sat and Sunday Only.

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