NH red trio & wyandotte hens -- local pick-up only (Mansfield, OH)

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    Hi! I have a trio of NH red chickens for sale. The rooster was hatched on 8/21 and the two hens on 10/01. They should start laying in about 7-8 weeks. All three for only $12 (I have eggs in the incubator and need to make room).

    Also two silver-laced wyandotte for sale, hatched 8/21: $15 for both or $8 each.
    Also two columbian wyandotte for sale, hatched 8/21: $15 for both or $8 each.

    Or all seven chickens for $40! Great little backyard flock. If you buy all seven, I'll even throw in an extra hen, a cuckoo marans/white rock mix -- momma's an outstanding layer who lays jumbo eggs :) You should get 5-7 eggs a day from this flock.

    These are not show-quality chickens, just solid, healthy backyard layers from Meyer Hatchery stock. You will need to bring a cage or box for pick-up. The camera on my phone is awful but if you want, I'll get some pictures, or pm me to come take a look!
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    If you still have the chickens I will take them call or text me 419-631-6479 thank you

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