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    Please help. We have two Peking duckling's, 3 weeks old. Several days ago they were not as active. They've been on Purina flock raiser, which us what I used with my other ducks without problem.
    I figured it was a niacin issue and started looking for brewers yeast. Honest to goodness I looked everywhere it, 7 stores everything from feed store to health food.
    Anyway I went to the pharmacy and purchased niacin tablets. I realized AFTER dosing the food and water it is the slow release. Will this harm them? There's lots of posts that say not to use it, but not why.
    The one duckling is in really bad shape when I got home today. Not walking, scooting, and flips over onto its back.
    I will go back to the pharmacy tomorrow to get plain niacin, and have ordered brewers yeast online...please help
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    Ducks need a specific form of niacin (nicotinic acid, vitamin B3) - this thread has more info:

    You may also want to try administering some Poultry Nutri Drench ( in case there's more going on than just niacin deficiency. It contains, among other ingredients, "Vitamin E supplement, Vitamin A supplement, Vitamin D-3 supplement, thiamine, niacin", and is quickly absorbed.

    Hope your ducklings are doing better soon.
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    It wont harm them they just wont absorb any. Its slow release... and it goes thru the ducklings digestive tract before they get any.
    Hopefully you can find the good stuff today
    You will need to make sure you get 150 mg niacin into each gallon of water.
    And when you get the brewers yeast its 1 tablespoon per cub of feed.
    I had to wet the feed to make sure they are getting it all.
    Otherwise it seems to settle at the bottom.
    Hopefully this helps. Sounds like they are in pretty bad shape. Keep us updated
    And i dont know if you can find nutrional yeast. Thats what i use
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