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Aug 18, 2014
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My Coop
My father-in-law abandoned his cats at my house and I just don't have time for them. All the cats are up to date on Rabies and fixed.

Jasper is a 5yo short hair tuxedo male (nutered) up to date on rabies. He wants desperatly to be an indoor cat. He is very sweet and loves to lap sit, but only for his person! If strangers come over he will disappear. He is very quite and has no bad habits.

Niko is a 2yo long hair white and black nutered male. He has a big beautiful face and a sweet little meow that does not match his burly physique! He is a love bug, very chill, and personable to everyone. He's almost like a dog! He is also GORGEOUS.

Misty I don't know her age. She is a solid grey medium length hair female (spayed) cat. She is a craver of attentions and like to talk a LOT. She likes anybody that will pet her. LOL

Before they were left here they were indoor cats, but have been living outside for the last 5 months. please come get these cats, I don't want to take them to the pound! take one, two or three. They do not have to go together!
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