Nice pre made coop?


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5 Years
Apr 18, 2014
Can someone recommend a nice, inexpensive ($250 ish or less) chicken coop that I can purchase from TSC or Amazon or similar?? We just have 3 possibly red sex link chicks. Neither my husband or I have the creativity or skill or desire to build from scratch :)


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5 Years
Mar 29, 2014
I'm a newbie and in a similar boat. We have four ducks and I work, a lot. So I wanted something easy or to buy something already made and the local amish furniture store wanted $1,200 for a 3x4 coop. : P I ended up buying a 4x6 shed from a big box store for about the price you gave out. It's resin and I've made some modifications but I think it would work for chickens too. You'd just have to put in a roost and then open the human door on the side to get the eggs versus nesting boxes. Otherwise, you could also keep a close yes on C list for used sheds for sale. Good luck.

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