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    This boy hatched 9/21/10 and he looks like he's got potential, so I thought I'd give him a chance to find a nice home. He has a perfect 5 point comb, very little red in him (per the standard some red is acceptable), and a nice stance. He does have a bit of brown edging in his tail feathers (not his saddle feathers) which may or may not molt out. He is NOT hatchery stock. My welsummer pair are Barber/Whitmore lines.

    I just don't have the need for an extra rooster right now, and I'd hate to take him to the feed store. I've never shipped live birds before, but if you are interested I can find out how.

    This picture was taken with a flash, so it doesn't show the accurate coloring of his hackle/saddle feathers. It does show his nice chest though.

    Outside in natural light:

    This is his father. (he is not for sale)

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